Friday, 18 May 2012

The Yorkshire Dales sandwich, a real breadwinner

If you heard a weird rumbling noise in the Yorkshire Dales National Park this week, do not fear - it was only our tummies!

Turns out it’s British Sandwich Week 12 to 19 May and ever since hearing the news we can’t stop thinking about what makes a great Yorkshire Dales sarnie. And you see that started the hunger pangs, which started the tummies rumbling….

A pit stop while out
The name ‘sandwich’ is British – born and bread! – and we have taken it to our hearts and into our countryside as a perfect accompaniment to lazy riverside afternoons and as fuel for days rambling or mountain biking on the fells.

No two sandwiches are ever the same and in the Dales we have our own preferences. To really experience a great Yorkshire Dales sandwich, leave your supermarket shop at home and call in to a local deli, café or pub when you’re in the National Park and get your chops around the real deal.  

For the most heavenly sandwich try fresh local bread, or even beer bread using ale from one our many local micro breweries, a good spread of butter made from the milk of local cows that graze on our sweet limestone pastures, and wash it all down with lashings of elderflower or dandelion and burdock cordial.

Using local Yorkshire Dales produce, these are some mouthwatering sandwich ideas that have made our ‘lunchbox list’… 

·          Limestone country beef and horseradish
·          Cream cheese mixed with cooked nettles and smoked salmon
·          Heather honey sandwiches (best after a good game of Pooh sticks)
·          Wensleydale cheese, apple and carrot with farmhouse chutney
·          Grassington air-dried ham with spinach and black pepper
·          A TLT: Kilnsey trout, lettuce and tomato
·          Rosemary and wild garlic marinated grilled lamb with cress
·          Swaledale ewes’ milk cheese and onion marmalade
·          Yorkshire chorizo and allotment salad leaves
·          The breakfast butty: free range farm eggs, Malham bacon and The Yorkshire Sausage
·          Grated Wensleydale cheese mixed with spring onion and mayo (known as a 'cheese savoury')
·          Foraged hedgerow fruit jam spread on top of a thick layer of hand-churned butter

Yorkshire Dales chorizo.
Photo courtesy of local
online butcher
If your favourite sandwich using produce from the Yorkshire Dales hasn’t made our list, post it in the comments below.
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